Cloud TnT is a joint project of three friends who have followed each other in adventures great and small.  They like shooting the breeze with guests and talking Salesforce for Nonprofits.  

Joni Martin

Salesforce MVP & Chief Relationship Officer @ CommonTeri


Joni Martin is committed to building the capacity of nonprofit organizations through technology. Drawing on her background in human services, and people and data management, Joni helps align vision with resources that serve the nonprofit sector.


Rev. Tracy Kronzak

Salesforce MVP & Principal and CEO @ TK Endeavours


Tracy is a CRM implementation strategy, change management, and organizational leadership and technology adoption expert. She has 20 years of experience with nonprofits and their related industries, including philanthropy, activism, research, technology management, and Salesforce CRM platform consulting.


Tim Lockie

Founder @ Now IT Matters


Tim is passionate about the work that nonprofits do, and passionate about the technology that helps to achieve that work more effectively. His history with the nonprofit world and technology seem to be intertwined and he believes that technology is as much art as it is science, and this is the mindset that drives him today. 

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